About Sally Barrett

Sally BarrettA Professional Bowtech Bowen Therapist, I received my Advanced Certificate in September 2001 and have now achieved the Certificate in Specialised Bowen Procedures 2 (Masters Level 2), the highest practitioner training available.

I am proud to say I was awarded Practitioner of the Year 2008 at the 2008 Natural Health Industry Awards).

I have my current Bowtech Bowen Therapy Certificate for practical experience and post graduate studies and work in professional rooms in Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Auckland. I specialise entirely in Bowen Therapy.

I first became interested when I suffered a severely debilitating back injury and received Bowen Therapy treatment, leading to a miraculous recovery.

Lifting injuries had damaged two discs in my lumbar back and I suffered nerve damage. I had two back operations in which the surgeons removed the damaged discs and performed a spinal fusion and bone grafts. Both operations were pronounced failures. One of Auckland’s top surgeons gave me a poor prognosis. He said he could not help me and told me to continue taking morphine and retire to “somewhere like Waiheke Island” for the rest of my life. For six years I had difficulty moving and walking. I had a wheel chair for going out and suffered constant pain.

I heard about Bowen Therapy from a friend of a friend who said I should try it. I was unsure - I had been through so many types of treatments, each of which made it worse or no better. I rang all the Natural Therapists in the Yellow Pages in my area and told them what was wrong with me and asked them if they thought Bowen Therapy would work. They all said yes!

I started Bowen treatment. I went through a period of increased pain, but it was different and I was sure something was changing. After eight treatments I was much improved. From there on I got stronger. The treatments were not needed as often and I continued to improve. I seldom have back pain now and I have walked a half marathon since then.

I love doing Bowen Therapy. It is so rewarding to help people.