The following are testimonials from some of our clients

“I first tried Bowen Therapy in desperation when I put my back out, and I was getting no relief from anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy. When I was getting Bowen Therapy for the first time, I simply didn't believe that such a gentle technique could help such a serious problem - but it certainly did. It took only one treatment, and my back was fine again.”

Regards, Anatole

“I first went to Sally for treatment after three orthopaedic surgeons had told me that only a spinal fusion would give me relief from chronic lower back pain.
At the time I was in such discomfort that I couldn’t bear anyone prodding, massaging or manipulating my body, but Sally’s treatment was gentle and gave me immediate relief. I credit her with setting me on the path to healing. Today I practise Ashtanga yoga again and manage my back condition well.
Bowtech has also provided me with enormous relief from the debilitating migraines I’ve had since childhood. It has huge benefits for my energy levels and my general sense of wellbeing.
Having tried many different treatment modalities and therapists over the years, I cannot recommend Sally enough. She’s an outstanding practitioner with a special touch and a genuine commitment to her clients.”

Best Wishes, Astrid

“Dear Sally, I felt I must write and let you know how grateful I am to have been able to have the Bowtech treatment, especially with you, as it is obvious you are very experienced and accomplished in this technique.
I have recently shifted to Auckland from the country and one of the enormous benefits of this is that I am now close enough to come to your Clinic.
Through various accidents my back has been injured and I have had to endure much pain especially with spasms. I have received treatment from sources including physiotherapy and oesteopathy and never have I had anything like the relief, and ongoing relief, such as the Bowtech has given me and now with treatments set approximately six weeks apart as you advised, I am free from pain and do not have to walk about with one hand pressed into my back. What is more, there is no discomfort or pain during the treatment.
It has made such a difference to my life and I can not thank you enough.”

Sincerely, Joan Allan

Sally’s Bowen Therapy treatment has given me back the use of my thumb, freed up my neck movement and relieved me of back pain. I had been putting up with some of these conditions for the greater part of my 54 years. The gentle technique is painless and effective. I find regular follow-up treatment every two months keeps my body well.”

Rose O’Sullivan